This is a selection of the feedback from our participants

'When I started the course I was not confident working with other people and using the computer. With Claire and Paul's help I wasd able to talk in a group and make the most of my experience on the course. At the end of the course I got offered a job and was thrilled when I told Claire and Paul, they were both really happy for me and said how proud they were. Great Support.'

Rebekah Mullings


'What can I say but thank you to Claire and Paul for their time and efforts into helping everyone look and find work. Since moving from Blackpool I have found it hard to get back into work and did not have the confidence in interviews to talk about myself. When Claire sat me down and asked me questions aboutr myself I was honest and she understood. Her and Paul then suggested about getting voluntary work to support my CV and help me build my confidence back up. During my final week on the course I gained voluntary work doing what I love best...cooking! This course help my computer and teamwork skills. i am now happy and feel supported at the Waterloo.'

Paul Kelly


'I need help to get a job and Claire and Paul help me with this. I sticked to the work and this helped me. I had an interview for cleaner and was offered the job on the basis I paid for my CRB, the centre helped me with this and I am now working in a school which I really like.'

Fatoumatta Touray Kabia


'I did not want to start this course but when I came and listened the first day I really appreciated the help these guys were offering. After being dismissede from my previous job I gave up and couldn't be bothered looking for more work because I knew I would get turned away. After finishing the course I came to the centre for a further week and then gained employment with BT. This is down to Claire and Paul for their hard work.'



'I really enjoyed being on this 4 week course. It helped me a lot on the computers and gave me the confidence to sign up for my 3 yr Health and Sociual Carwe course. Claire and Paul were great help and always gave everyone the time of day. Thanks for everything guys.'

Jeanette burke


'When I began this course I was a bit scared of working with other people and coming to the centre, after the first day I really enjoyed myself and actually spoke to other people in tghe same boat as me. Claire taught us very well and always motivated us to try our best. Paul helped us too and would make sure we got our work done. I learnt new interview techniques and was able to go to an interview and gain employment at JB Sports.'



'When I came to England I always found it hard to find work. After 4 weeks of completing my file and job applications I was offered an interview with Royal Mail. I got the job thanks to Claire and Paul's advice and I can't thank them enough. this is only temporary but will help me to gain work in the middle of the year. If I struggle again I will always truct Claire and Paul.'



'I started the course and enjoyed the classes by Claire. Paulkalways helped the class and I liked the work we were doing to get work. I made my CV better and did a cover letter to help me into work. I have now got work in a cafe and I thank Claire and Paul for their help. They even did an interview with me to help me get ready fr the real one.

Naz Mosazed.


'When I came to the course I knew I wanted to go into security and the Job Centre kept making me apply for jobs in cleaning and wharehouse which is not what I wanted to do. claire and Paul listened to me and understood that I wanted to do something I enjoyed. They helped me to get training to gain SIA badge and this will help me get into security work which is what I wanted to do since leaving work 4 years ago.'

Thanks for listening.'

Farham Siddiqi


'I began the course knowing I wanted to do security as I had just got my SIA badge. I had tried a lot of applications before the course and never had much luck. I started doing the units and thought this was going to be difficult. With the help and support I was successful for two jobs at one time. I decided with advice from calire and Paul to go with full time security rather than on a casual contract. I am enjoying my induction week and will still see Paul and Claire to let them know how I am getting on. Thank you.'

Amjad Iqbal


'When I started the course I could not use the computer. I had been sanctioned so many times for not being able to use the computer and this is why I was sent here. Claire always made sure she helped me all day and all she asked  thaI was patient. Paul helped her to see people and between them they worked well as a team. When applying for warehouse work I kept being let down because I did not have an up to date FLT, Claire helped me to look for a centre that could train me to get my licence.'

Michael Hill and Lee Currie.

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