Manchester First as a delivery contractor

Manchester First is able to deliver learning contracts across Manchester and beyond. The diversity of the membership gives Manchester First a breadth of experience that cannot be found in any other organisation in the voluntary and Community Sector.

Our Learning Guarantee

Manchester First delivers learning programmes through our partner centres across Manchester. Each partner has a white sign outside showing that it is a delivery centre. All our programmes are of the highest quality and are designed especially for the needs of our learners. Details of the specific courses that we are currently contracted to deliver can be found in the 'Our Learning Programmes' section.

All our programmes are delivered by the Manchester First team. If you find a programme that suits your needs you can enrol at any of our delivery points. You will get the same high quality programme wherever you go. Although you will do the same number of learning hours you may find that the timetable of the programme is differant at each partner site so you may want to compare them.

All of our programmes are supported by independent Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG). This is available from a number of sources and is there to help you make choices as you follow your chosen learning pathway.



For further information contact Vic Brailey on 07826422767

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